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Top 3 Ways to DRIVE Online Traffic & Sales for Your Golf Product

Once you have identified your target audience and have created a compelling story to sell them on your concept, you need to drive your audience to you...

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You’re Not Selling a Product, You’re Selling Your Story…

If you approached me to help you sell a golf swing app the first piece of advice I would give you is that 'you need to become a Golf Swing Guru.'  Now...

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How To Sell Golf Products Online (Part 1)

The golf product market is one of the most competitive and cluttered markets within the golf industry. It is a market that exists because of the golfe...

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Top 3 Ways to DRIVE Online Traffic & Sales for Your Golf Product

Golf Product Sales Strategy

Once you have identified your target audience and have created a compelling story to sell them on your concept, you need to drive your audience to your website. Over 12 years of  golf e-commerce experience has taught me that there are only a few proven ways to generate quality traffic that you can convert into sales.

It used to be that a reputable product review site or a well plotted (and heavily funded) infomercial could yield scores of sales.

Nowadays, golf media and product review sites are littered with ads and are constantly promoting new products so your product visibility is short lived. Though these sites may provide a temporary boost in traffic, as a business owner or marketer you must find a way to sustain quality, convertable traffic, to your website.

Infomercials were once a big hit and a great way to create mass demand and mass sales, but recently they have become less effective and substantially more expensive.

To find your DRIVER you must be aware of a current trends and how the evolution of online media is impacting traditional marketing and sales channels.  The retail space which was once the holy grail of golf product sales is now a shrinking opportunity for products without the connections and power (read: money) to muscle their way through the door.

Though Golfers are consuming online media in mass volumes, they are bombarded with ads in every direction they turn.  Your business must be able to deliver authentic content that is strategically placed to earn the best return on your marketing investment.

Of course there are always exceptions and changes within online marketing  but the following is a break down of the top 3 strategies I have identified to drive quality traffic to a golf product website, giving you the best possible chance to convert sales. Remember, if you follow the first step of this training by Opening The Best Possible Shop you will have a well-oiled sales machine that is designed to convert traffic.

#1 Email Marketing:

A quality database can be a cash machine for your golf product website. If you are reaching golfers within your target audience and you have a great story to tell, you should be able to see an immediate impact on sales.  There should be  2 components of your email marketing strategy; 3rd Party Email Marketing – This is using lists other than your own database to reach interested buyers.  Newsletter Email Marketing – ‘Newsletter’ is a universal term but this is any communication that is emailed to golfers who have opted-in through your website. Let’s take a look at how each of these work.

3rd Party Email Marketing -

Your product can thrive and even survive on 3rd party email marketing, given the list is quality and is expansive. There are a few ways to leverage email marketing for maximum sales, one is through dedicated email marketing promotion and the other is by the way of newsletter email marketing promotion.

Dedicated email marketing campaigns promote your product only. This is the best investment in email marketing and the strategy that yields the best response. Though typically more expensive, dedicated email marketing campaigns get your message to the intended target without the clutter of competing messages.

Newsletter email marketing campaigns group your product with news and (hopefully) non-competitive products. Because there are multiple advertisers the cost to run this type of promotion is far less than a dedicated campaign. The results for newsletter email marketing are totally dependent on the sender, list size and track record of clicks per ad. I would strongly suggest that you request and understand the click-through at the Ad Level as opposed to the entire newsletter.

#2 Search Engine Ads:

Even though we have heard stats like “70% of search ad campaigns lose money”  we have seen amazing results for particular products through google adwords.  Search engine ads are typically successful if your product requires limited explanation, has a low price point, or ads are pointed towards a capture page; where your not trying to sell your product right away but looking to capture a lead.

Of course Google makes it easy to establish an Adwords campaign and they would love for every business owner with access to a computer to run an ad but this is where you DIYers might want to call on expert help.  With a Google Adwords Certified team  (such as Golf Pulp) you are able to create campaigns that increase conversion some times as high as 25% and this is by simply side stepping some of the major pitfalls of search engine advertising.  A money making PPC campaign comes down to the right bid strategy, the right keyword mix and an optimal landing page.  So if you are guessing on any one of these pieces or sending traffic right to your home page, it’s time for a review.

#3 Amazon:

The biggest and most reliable e-tailer that we have seen generate solid online sales for golf products is Amazon. If your product is not listed on Amazon then you have one more thing to add to your list of to-dos TODAY!  Amazon is the premiere online shopping portal and is jam packed with golf products.  Products that are easy to understand, accessories and novelty products fair well on Amazon but it is great place for golf products of all sorts.  Amazon has captured the shopper for you and all you have to do is pitch the product.  Boosting the visibility of your product is relatively inexpensive with Amazon Promoted Products program.

Did you know you can even use Amazon as your Pay Per Click engine to serve up ads that redirect Amazon shoppers to your website for purchase? Check out their program here:

Now it’s time to get out there and DRIVE traffic for your website.

Need some help? Golf Pulp has over 600,000 active golfers in our opt-in email database. We also employee Google Adwords Certified account managers to help you to achieve optimal response from your pay per click campaigns. Contact us today at 888.344.9915 to discuss how we can help you DRIVE Online Sales.


Once you have identified your target audience and have created a compelling story to sell them on your concept, you need...

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You’re Not Selling a Product, You’re Selling Your Story…

Golf Brand Story

If you approached me to help you sell a golf swing app the first piece of advice I would give you is that ‘you need to become a Golf Swing Guru.’  Now, I know the term guru gets thrown around with reckless abandon but the idea behind this is simple. In order to own the market you must be a subject matter expert, in order to take a piece of the market you must innovate and establish not only your product but your brand as the industry expert in your space.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling a golf tee , driver or a golf cart, your ability to effectively sell online comes down to you being able to prove your value to the golfer. For online purchases this comes down to how well you can tell your story.

Telling your story is not a history lesson on your company or product inception. Your story starts with the definition of your brand through the problem(s) your business is going to solve.  A good story should be easy to follow. Your story is the messaging that will prove to your golfer that you have a solution that they should consider buying.

If you’ve done your due diligence you have put your product to the test at a scientific, professional and consumer level.  These product trials should become the foundation of your brand story. Out of product feedback should emerge your value proposition. A value proposition can help guide website page content, marketing content, ad content and blog content. Once you have identified your value proposition you must keep telling your story and how it relates to the golfer to build your credibility.  The best way to establish your credibility with your value proposition is to leverage top social media outlets, developing your own blog and using your email newsletter to promote this type of content.

The following template can be used to create your own Value Proposition:

STEP 1) Five pieces of value company offers

The first process of establishing a value proposition is to identify at least 5 pieces of value for your business or product. You will rank (1=low 5=high) these values based on the appeal (to your target audience) and exclusivity – meaning your ability to offer something that no other brand or product offers.

Let’s take a look at a sample Value Proposition created for Golf Pulp.

screenshot-docs zoho com 2015-02-08 23-04-01






STEP 2) Use top two based on combined score of appeal and exclusivity

STEP 3) Create credibility factors to support your value

1. specialize in golf product launches – add credibility factors

launched products for over 45 different brands

helped achieved $3.8 Million Dollars in sales and counting

2. get rapid exposure for brands with huge database

current database of over 600,000 targeted golfers

executed over 1,000 email campaigns for golf brands

STEP 4) Draft value prop statement

The golf product specialists that get your brand instant visibility

Specializing In Launching and Selling Your Golf Products

The golf product marketing specialists

Product launch and marketing specialists for the golf industry

STEP 5) Create a brief 1-2 paragraph statement that describers the value of your product

Golf Pulp Media has helped over 45 new golf brands launch their products since 2007.  During that time we’ve broadcast their messages in front of 600,000 and more interested golfers.

With a complete marketing system in place Golf Pulp Media has generated over $3.8 million in sales for new products and brands.  Discover how your brand can benefit from the power of our complete marketing systems.


Follow the format above to create your very own Value Proposition and make certain that you are communicating your brand’s story. Most often you will find that without a good story, you’re simply guessing and wasting time trying to connect with your customer.

Do you feel as if you’ve wasted time on social media, website development, and advertising? Telling the RIGHT STORY can be the difference between spinning your wheels with marketing and driving business.

Need help telling your story? Call Us 888.344.9915 or email


If you approached me to help you sell a golf swing app the first piece of advice I would give you is that 'you need to b...

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How To Sell Golf Products Online (Part 1)

Selling Golf Products Online

The golf product market is one of the most competitive and cluttered markets within the golf industry. It is a market that exists because of the golfers insatiable desire to perfect their game. It is this pursuit that presents great opportunity for golf training aids and equipment products.

If you are looking to build a business selling golf products you must understand 2 axioms.

  1. Simplicity, Results or Recommendations Sell Your Product: One thing that holds true for successful golf training aid and equipment products is that they deliver a simple solution that can easily be communicated to the golfer. Now, for the training aids that are a bit more involved, thorough, statistical results and professional recommendation can support the sell through online. If your training aid is not a simple science than you must show the science to support how your product can benefit a golfer.
  2. New Golf Products are Perfect for E-commerce: It is extremely tough to get your one-off training aid or custom putter on the retail shelves and it’s not for lack of trying. Because the golf product market is so dynamic and most often one off golf products are developed by small or start up businesses, retailers are less likely to take a gamble on these concept products. The one proven way to get your golf product serious attention from retailers is to establish solid online sales. Showing an online sales track record and a high consumer demand is the best leverage you have when negotiating with retailers so focus on e-commerce first.

Open The Best Possible Golf Shop

You can have the most amazing and most effective golf product on the market but show me a DIY website, poor graphics, inferior product images, a cumbersome shopping experience and I will show you a business that is destined for mediocrity at best. Your online image is your sales representative to the golfer.

Imagine your website as a sales person; is it pleasing to the eyes, informative, easy to understand, capable of engaging, does it represent your product in the way that gives you the best opportunity to close business? Even if you answer yes to all the above – you owe it to yourself to have your website reviewed by a professional. Let me be completely clear – asking your friends and relatives for their feedback is not going to help you.

With Golf Pulp we employ a 25 point checklist to ensure an e-commerce website is built to be the Best Possible Shop. Of course you will want to test and adjust along the way but make sure you are putting your best possible sales representative out to attract, inform and close sales.

Here are just a few key elements from our 25 point checklist:

  • Key Benefits - Are key benefits designed to stand out and do they address the problem your product solves?
  • Compelling Content - Is your website content written in a way that engages the golfer, is it convincing sales copy?
  • Simple Checkout - Is your BUY NOW process easy to navigate, how many steps does it take and can those steps be reduced?
  • Lead Generation Forms - What if a website user leaves the site without purchase? Is there a way to move traffic into a lead funnel?
  • Cart Abandonment - Does your website track cart abandonment or incomplete orders? Do you have a system in place to convert/complete incomplete orders?
  • Product Photography - Is your website using professional quality photography containing isolated product shots as well as live imagery with your product in use?

Getting The Most From Your Online Shop

So how do you know you have the Best Possible Shop? I would always encourage you to consult a professional marketer with experience marketing golf products. A website developer is going to take a design eye to your website while a marketer will be judging your site on it’s ability to convert traffic. My team frequently evaluates websites and provides a detail critique based on a websites ability to convert traffic – there is simply no other criterion that means more.

If you are using a shopping cart platform like WP WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Big Commerce…. you will want to closely monitor the conversion ratio based on your marketing events and month over month. A strong e-commerce website will provide 5%-7% conversion on total traffic but we have created sites that yield upwards of 12%. If your website is producing less than 3% conversion than it’s time to speak with a marketing professional that understands how to sell golf products online.

If you are running a website that lacks built in conversion reporting you must rely on Google Analytics Goals which can be established to track website traffic to a shopping cart page. Even if you are running on a shopping cart platform I would highly suggest that you establish GOALS through Google Analytics. With this tool you will be able to get a detailed view of not only the conversion ratio but the traffic paths and content that is leading to higher conversion. Need more information on how to set this up? Email

Building a better shop is a work in progress – always strive to increase the conversion ratio.

Could your website be a better shop?

Get a Golf Product Marketing Evaluation Now : Call 888.344.9915 or email

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The golf product market is one of the most competitive and cluttered markets within the golf industry. It is a market th...

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