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New equipment company looking to break into the US Market works with Golf Pulp and drives immediate brand awareness and MAJOR Sales!



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Golf Pulp is your go-to digital marketing partner, dedicated to helping brands like yours fast-track their product launch or relaunch efforts. Our unique approach is tailored to position your products creatively and effectively in front of an audience that lives and breathes golf.

Our Specialization:

  • Direct to Consumer Marketing: We specialize in direct engagement with a highly refined audience of golf enthusiasts. Our strategy ensures your product stands out to those who matter most.

  • Email Marketing Mastery: Utilizing our extensive database of golf subscribers, we craft compelling email marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, enhancing sales and brand recognition.

  • Impactful Retargeting Programs: We don’t just attract new customers; we make sure they come back. Our retargeting strategies keep your brand top-of-mind, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

  • Mass Brand Awareness: With Golf Pulp, your brand won’t just be seen—it will be remembered. Our campaigns are designed to leave a lasting impression, ensuring your product becomes a go-to for golf enthusiasts.

Why Golf Pulp?

  • Proven Success: We've already unlocked major sales for new brands, especially those looking to make a mark in the US market.

  • Expertise in Golf Market: Our team lives and breathes golf, providing insights and strategies unmatched by generalist marketing firms.

  • Customized Solutions: We believe in a tailored approach. Your product is unique, and so should be your marketing strategy.

Ready to Tee Off Your Product Launch?

Connect with us at Golf Pulp today, and let's drive your product straight to success!



Healthy Skepticism - 


If you've invested in marketing, chances are you've been burned! We encounter horror stories weekly. For this reason, we put our money where our marketing is with a Break-Even Guarantee. It's a commitment that no other ad platform offers. As a result, we eliminate the anxiety and risk of running your initial email campaign (we'll send you more information on this when you complete the form). 

Budget Concerns - 

Over half of the businesses we work with are self-funded or in the start-up phase. So we've created a no-risk, low-investment marketing program focused on one metric; ROI. 

How Do I Capture More Customers?

Email marketing offers the lowest cost per acquisition you can find. In addition, the fact that you can directly access the golf consumer means there is less time spent trying to find the right prospect, which means more customers for you!

When's The Most Opportune Time to Market?

As our client mentions in the video, he tested his campaign in the off-season, when one would expect to see lower returns. However, I refine our marketing program to be effective no matter when you decide to kick things off. Many brands want to focus on major holidays or significant tournaments, but good marketing pauses time and gets consumers to look your way. 


I'm Running Ads...How Is This Different?

Did you know that Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, ranked Email Marketing as the #1 Most Effective Way to Market Your Products? #3 is Digital Ads. Email marketing drives your entire brand message directly to a golfer's inbox and allows them to experience your product in a way that leads to higher conversion. 

Are You Learning/Testing on My Dime?

NO! I wish I could leave it at this, but 40% of our clients share a similar story of how a marketing partner or platform has bled them of precious marketing dollars trying to come up with the winning marketing message. Our solutions have been proven throughout every product category, and our audience segmentation is based on our user engagement rather than general demographics. This process allows us to fast-track your business to success. 

Will This Help My Retargeting Program?

Absolutely! Your retargeting program is only as good as the traffic you are generating on your website. Email marketing is a prime contributor to accessional retargeting programs. Additionally, running email campaigns also impacts organic search and selling to other channels like Amazon. You receive direct sales as well as massive product awareness from our campaigns. 

Is This Sustainable?

Our longest-running clients (6-8 Years) have counted on our growing audience of golfers. My team is committed to building our audience through partnerships, acquisition, and strategic marketing initiatives. 

Have More questions? I'm Here To help! 

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