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5 Simple Ways to Combine Social Media & Your Email List to Reach More Golfers

A number of golf businesses struggle with leveraging both their email marketing and social media efforts for maximum return on investment. At Golf Pulp, our theory on the subject is simple: turn those single players into an unbeatable twosome in your golf marketing strategies.

Below, you can find some simple solutions to integrate social media into your email efforts (or email efforts into your social media), to help boost your customer/subscriber/follower base, raise awareness, increase sales, and drive traffic to your website.

1) Add social to connect on email. By simply adding social media icons and links to your specific social media pages within your golf email campaigns, the visibility alone can be cause for clicking and connecting.

2) Add social to share content on email. Make it simple for your email subscribers to share your content with friends—add social “share” buttons to your golf email content so your friends can share it with their friends, and friends of their friends who might become your new friends. You get the picture.

3) Add email opt-in on social. The average American spends about three hours DAILY on social media—and hopefully they’re engaged with your golf business channels during this time. Leverage your social presence to capture email opt-ins through enticing call-to-actions—drives to sign up for specific information via blogs, newsletters, upcoming events, new product information, contests, etc.

4) Incentivize email and social. If your golf subscribers are going to “retweet”, or “like”, then tell all their friends or followers to do the same, make it worth their while with an incentive-based offer that actually benefits you—for example, set a goal of XXX followers on Twitter or XXX subscribers to your e-newsletter, and when that goal is hit, each person who has helped your golf company reach that goal, receives a discount off your product. Not only do your customers/prospective customers score, your golf company collects new names to add to your database.

5) Socialize your email. Take the effort to emphasize your social presence by developing an email campaign that focuses solely on your social channels. Give your subscribers a sneak peek at what kind of information they can expect to find on these channels—the types of content you post to Facebook, the videos you have uploaded on You Tube, daily deals on Twitter—and provide links to connect directly to your brand-specific pages.

Ready to implement these social strategies into your email tactics? Or email strategies into your social tactics? However you view it, we can help.

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