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Why Aren’t More Customers Reading my Emails?

From too many emails to multiple calls to action, we look at the Top 10 reasons why your emails aren’t getting read.

  1. Your subject line is boring. Your customers receive close to 100 emails a day. The subject line is your one opportunity to stand out.

  2. Your email isn’t relevant. You’re not talking to the right target audience. Think beyond “all golfers” to develop a truly segmented list. In fact, segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns. (MailChimp, 2016)

  3. Your email isn’t focused on me. How is your email going to solve my problem? Outline how your golf product will provide a solution, don’t just talk about your golf product.

  4. It’s too long. Your customers value their time. They don’t have time to read a long narrative. Keep it short and simple, think the length of a tweet—200 characters or less.

  5. You asked me to do too many things. Including more than one call to action can confuse and overwhelm your customers. Keep your call to action limited to one or two.

  6. You didn’t ask me to do anything. Don’t leave your customers hanging—they took the time to read your email, now guide them to the next step you’d like them to take.

  7. You sound like a robot. Content should sound natural and conversational, not marketing-heavy.

  8. You didn’t get personal. Include personalization with your email. The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016. (Source: Statista 2016)

  9. You’re emailing too frequently. How much is too much is a tough question; however, industry average is around 4-5 emails per month for a nice pace.

  10. You’re promoting the same content over and over. If you continue to send the same content (such as a blog or a specific sale) more than once, your open rates will continue to drop. Try changing up the subject line or the content within your email, but don’t punish your list with repetitive content.

Don’t let your golf business fall victim to any of these email fails. Golf Pulp Media can help you create and deliver emails that not only get read, they create action.


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