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Quick Tips for Increased Sales in October

Are you a little more than anxious for the Holiday shopping season to arrive? If you're like most golf business owners you can't wait for October to close and the onset of the November shopping season to begin.

If you've been down and out about slow sales over the months of September and October - you are not alone. For many of you, this is not your first go-around so you've planned well in advanced to cover for the slower season, hopefully.

But who couldn't use some help with generating more sales, right? Here are a few tips for those of you who are looking to generate some quick revenue for your golf business in the lull of October.

Think Warm Thoughts:

While much of the Midwest is starting to board up the clubhouse, there are areas that flourish this time of year in a golf state of mind. Your advertising and marketing efforts will be more effective if you target the domestic, year-round golf destinations, such as Arizona, Southern California, Florida, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. And don't forget, international destinations are heating up for golf too! We like to help our clients reach Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand during these months to increase sales.

Ideas to Reach Warmer Climates this October:

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns - Geo-Targeting your Google or Facebook Ad campaigns can generate leads from golfers who are actually playing golf.

  • Targeted Email Campaigns - Finding an email list that serves warmer climates this time of year can pay off big time. Golf Pulp delivers email campaigns that are State Specific (Florida, Arizona, Hawaii), Region Specific (Southern California, Southern Florida...) and Country Specific (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand)

  • Newsletter Targeting - Comb through your own database, sort by state and create a specific offer to the "warmer state" contacts within your own list.

Embrace End of Year:

Golfers love a deal! You can turn the end of the year into a great promotional tool for your business. Running an end of season sale or a pre-holiday promotion can be a great way to generate interest in your product. Remember, promotion doesn't always mean you slash prices - get creative with your offers and do your best to stay profitable.

Ideas for End of Year Promotions:

  • Bundle Products for More Value

  • Offer Free Shipping

  • Start Your Black Friday Sales Early

  • Offer Rewards for Referrals

  • Run a Closeout Sale

  • Create a Customer Appreciation Offer

  • Remind Customers of the Holiday Shopping Season

Your mission over the next several weeks is to keep pushing your marketing and advertising efforts in order to keep sales flowing through your website. Golfers are still buying products and are still playing - you just need to reach the golfers who haven't conceded to the cooler temperatures.


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