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Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Golf Business Stays Profitable During Fall

There’s something about the fall that sends a chill through every golf business owner. The kids are back in school, Saturdays see more college football than tee boxes – fall is coming.

Many golf business owners view the fall as the end of their sales season and are all too willing to coast to Black Friday. That’s more than 3 weeks away and there is still a lot of time grow your business.

While cold weather plagues most of the United States starting in late October, there is still a ton of business out there. Our firm sees it year after year – golfers are out, even in the fall months, buying products and trying to improve their game.

- Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Golf Business Stays Profitable During Fall -

1. Website & Landing Page Revamps:

There is no time like fall to get your website revamped or landing pages dialed in for holiday season traffic. Start by taking a look at your website analytics, get your team involved and find ways you can can improve your website conversion practice.

  • Look at ways to improve site for converting leads

  • Add customer testimonials to improve credibility

  • Add video to demonstrate how your product works

  • Create landing pages that are specific to a single product or address a particular issue/problem/solution

2. Tournament & Holiday Marketing Campaigns:

Capitalize on those early bird shoppers and reward them for being proactive. Highlight special deals and incentives that will let you sell up until mid-November when holiday shopping really kicks in and gets going.

  • Push end of season deals

  • Use Holidays & Events as a way to create timely specials

  • Create special product bundles and offerings only available during the off-season

3. Use Weather To Your Advantage:

Just because it’s snowy outside your window, doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people playing golf this very moment. Take a look around…

  • Focus sales efforts in sunbelt/sunshine states

  • Tap into international marketing – Australia and other Southern Hemisphere territories

  • Focus on in-home product use (if possible)

  • Run a sale for frozen states – buy now and be ready for summer

4. Stay Current & Stay Social:

Blogs and social media are an excellent way to stay top of mind with customers. Share what’s going on with you, your partners, industry trends and anything else that might be newsworthy. <