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A Golf Business Guide to Surviving COVID-19

We are in the midst of a global crisis. As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to spread throughout the world — along with widespread panic — the impact on local businesses is felt hard.

As people hunker down due to mandated or self-isolation in hopes of containing the spread, consumers are forced to radically shift their purchase behavior from in-store to online.

This presents an opportunity for e-commerce golf retailers to thrive during this disruption.

Don’t get us wrong — our hearts go out to those who are suffering from this virus — but in a time where business is functioning as anything but usual, online golf businesses must adapt and get creative to appeal to a new audience of online shoppers.


As new information pours in, businesses are updating their statuses by the minute. Consider building a section on your site dedicated to the latest updates on your inventory due to supply chain issues or any potential delays. Remind them that your “doors” are virtually open 24/7.

Remain Visible

Often, the first to go in times of crisis is your marketing spend. It is now more important than ever to stay front and center of your customers and accelerate spend to gain an edge over the competition. Email is a proven and trackable marketing strategy to keep you connected to your current and prospective customers.

Build Community

We’re at a point where your value will be challenged. In order to survive, you must clearly communicate the problems your golf product will solve in order to truly stand out and remain relevant. Now is a time for strengthening and building trust through your actions and the quality of the customer service you’re delivering. Consider leveraging your loyal customers as brand ambassadors to share your message.

Be a Resource

Can your product be used indoors? From daily tips to video tutorials on how to keep your game in mid-season form, be the educational resource your golf customers turn to when they can’t hit the course. Not only will this drive engagement, it will position your golf business as the subject matter expert on all things golf.

Share the Love

Finally, in this time of confusion and uncertainty, consider offering a discount to your customers. A little empathy can go a long way...and build customers for life.



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