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E-Commerce Guide: How to Thrive In Winter

If you run a small business or work in one, you know that the next 60-90 days of your life WILL NOT be the most relaxing and enjoyable time of the year. There will be no easing into 2024.

You work in a “seasonal” business and that means you need to find creative ways to keep revenue coming in well after the Holiday shoppers have come and gone. I’ve spent the last several years creating programs and testing strategies to debunk the myth that golf e-commerce dies -- in the dead of winter.

Here are few sales-focused initiatives that will help you capture revenue over the next 60-90 days.

The Most of Christmas Past: You just spent a bunch of money acquiring new customers during this Holiday shopping season. Make the most out of your efforts by introducing them to your marketing funnel:

➡ Incentivize your newly acquired customers to engage with your social platforms- Increase the likeness of repeat business by keeping your brand in front of new customers through social media.

➡ Warm them up to your newsletter - Don’t assume this customer wants to receive your newsletter, instead send them a creative pitch to get them interested in hearing from you. A great resource driven email can be the difference between adding a subscriber or getting an unsubscribe. Keep the subscription and earn repeat business.

➡ Give them a special offer to encourage repeat business - They’ve already spent money with you, now give them a reason to do it again. Complementary products can be offered at a special “New Customer” price. A “do it again” email can build repeat orders just be sure to tell them why another order makes sense - use as a gift, buy a backup, share with a friend, one for the clubhouse - one for home...

Don’t Let Your Brand Go Cold: If you sit in the cold you will FREEZE. Stay active with your promotions and find new ways to keep your brand warm with golfers. Remember, someone is luckier than you right now and instead of reading a blog post...they are out playing golf!

➡ Keep your promotions going - You can’t assume that people stop golfing or buying after Christmas. Keep your promotions relevant and keep them coming. I’ll be certain to give you some great promotion ideas for the winter months - so be sure to subscribe to our blog!

➡ Go after the abandoned carts or open leads - Hopefully, you have an automated program that follows up on abandoned carts but don’t leave it to an automated message to capture a sale. Send a personal email that asks how you can help them get your product in their hands and don’t be afraid to provide a deeper discount to get the sale.

➡ Come inside if it’s too cold out - Showing your customers how to use your product indoors can help convert interested prospects. Put together an INDOOR campaign and use video and photos to create a compelling case for your product to be used indoors because, no matter the weather, golfers are always thinking of golf.

Keep in mind, with these strategies you want to be as targeted as possible. Consider who would be the best prospect for your business during these next few months. Ask questions, send surveys and get customer feedback to build the best possible plan to turn the Off-Season into Selling Season.

Feel free to send me an email if you need some specific ideas on how to market your brand during the winter months. I would be happy to send you a few money-making marketing ideas, on the house!

Ed Sanchez



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