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The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Ad

As we continue to see a steady decline in reach/impressions through organic Facebook posts, more and more of our clients are turning to Facebook ads as part of their marketing efforts. Here, we drop science on the perfect Facebook ad to provide you with the most optimal and effective social media advertising that will have your prospective customers/followers saying, dang, you look good!

Head: Content for your headline is limited, make it count. Pull your audience in by asking a question, illicit a reaction, or make a connection with an impactful headline.

Body: Show your audience “what’s in it for me?” by highlighting the value you’re offering above and beyond your product by clicking on your Facebook ad—whether it’s access to special offers and discounts, contests, or golf-specific content.

Many of our golf clients think “if we build it they will click!” While this seems logical, it’s not always obvious. Tell those who see your ad exactly what you want them to do—click here for more golf tips, like me, sign up for a golf newsletter, etc. While the desire may be high to send prospects to your website to make a purchase, consider this—the click-through rate on those who were kept within the social network were staggeringly higher than those who were dropped outside the channel.

Image: As with all forms of marketing, it’s people—specifically faces—that get noticed. Granted, the space you have here is only 1,200 x 628 pixels, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for much of anything, but a face featuring the type of customer/demographics you’re looking to draw will capture the attention of your prospective audience. Also, consider using your logo/product image to call attention to your ad and make it easily identifiable. Utilize a horizontal image to maximize the space available.

When it comes to a successful Facebook ad, it’s not all about good looks. Who you’re talking to is just as important. With Facebook ads, your golf business can develop ads based on specific demographics, behavioral and targeted interest-based fields. It’s a delicate balance of relevancy versus reach—you want to reach those who are interested in you, but at the same time, hit a never before seen audience. The great thing about your Facebook ads is the opportunity to test out different content and images with different audiences to see which is most effective for the best results.

Now that we have dissected all the pieces that go into the anatomy of the perfect Facebook ad, let us help you put them all back together into an effective social media campaign for your golf business.


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