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Golf Marketing for March. The Madness!

This March, we have plenty to celebrate, but, it doesn’t have to be maddening to keep on top of it. Let’s make sure your golf business is getting the most out of the month. Below, we provide some digital strategies and tactics for your consideration, from email campaigns to website contests and more, to build into your marketing plans for 2016 (Don’t have yours developed yet? It's critical to have 2016 marketing plans in place by end of March to give your business the best chance for success in 2016. We can help).

Plus—don’t forget your social networks—all of these events provide great opportunities for your golf business to engage and interact with your golf fans!

Ahh…spring! It’s nearly upon us, and your golf customers are thinking—golf!

As golfers gear up for a new season, now is a great time to really start promoting your product. Think:

  • Promotion/introduction of new golf products/services.

  • Overview of how your product can benefit a golfer’s game.

  • Discounts/savings for new customers, rewards for existing customers.

  • A spring checklist to help in “preparing for the new golf season”/”what do you need in your bag?”

  • Social campaigns geared towards prepping for the season—the fundamentals, golf products, exercises, where to go.

  • A final push to distributors, retailers and pro shops to get products on the shelves for the upcoming season.

Put the luck of the Irish on your side with a St. Patrick’s Day promotion:

  • "Green" focused social campaigns - post your favorite green golf product, post a pic of your favorite green, most played/toughest green/course, what's your lucky golf item.

  • Discounts or savings on the holiday or days leading up to it (XX percent off, buy 3 get one free, free XX when you purchase YY)

  • Special contests to drive traffic to your site/a landing page to collect information,

  • “Hide a four-leaf clover” somewhere on your site to encourage multiple views and drive sales. Anyone who finds it gets to a special promo code when they click on it/or entered into a drawing for a prize/free golf product.

  • Develop a St. Patty’s Day specific blog, focusing on some of your company’s traditions or highlight through video/social media posts.