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5 Steps for MORE EMAILS with Facebook Ads

Email marketing to an opt-in list of golfers will yield a higher conversion than most advertising programs.


Your list is battered and beaten, promo’d out, sick of no new News. This is the perfect time to start building an email list segment. The quickest and most cost effective way to achieve this is to build a capture program that works with Facebook. This program will result in some solid sign ups that are interested in products or services you are offering.

Steps To Build a Golf Database:

1) Create a landing page with an opt-in form or Facebook Lead Ads allows you to pick up more likes for your fan page as well as more opt-in subscribers.

2) Get some Database Bait! Give away a free product or more than one if you have a lower retail cost. Another great way to bait your leads is to give away something not offered by your company; a driver, apparel, gift card, or a free round of golf.

3) Target Your Ads on Facebook. Facebook makes ads easy but here are some tips to get the best reach.

  • Do Not Target Fans Connected to Your Page

  • Avoid Broad Search Target Competitive Pages or Well Established Golf Pages

  • Create Ad Variations with Different Copy and Different Images

  • Use a Disruptive Image That You Think Will Stop a Facebook User Long Enough to Read Your Ad. ​

4) Share Your Promotion through Groups and Personal Profile to extend the reach.

5) Create a follow up email or auto-responder email that quickly engages your new subscribers with benefits or valuable information. This little step could mean the difference between a lead and an unsubscribe.

This particular method of growing your database can yield quick sign ups but you will want to be careful how you craft the opt-in messaging and the subsequent email. If your new subscribers feel that there is no value in opting in or within the follow up email they will drop from your list just as quickly as they signed up. Remember, quality content is the only way to retain subscribers so focus on quality messaging.

We've grown a database of over 1 million golfers, many of these coming right from Facebook and we can help you do the same - contact us at 888.344.9915


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