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Marketing Takeaways from Booking Golf Lessons Online

Recently, my seven-year old daughter asked if she could start taking golf lessons (evidently I wasn’t cutting it). While familiar with a number of instructors, there was a course nearby that I’d heard good things about, so I thought I’d check out.

First, I went online to find some basic information.

  • The where (location)

  • The what (about the facility/instructors)

  • The who (is it designed to offer lessons for kids?)

  • The when (what times/availability?)

  • The why (what sets this facility apart from the others?)

  • The how (…much does it cost?)

ARGH! How much is it?

I found answers to all of these questions, except for one—there was no information on cost.

Normally, I too would move on to next available option, but this location was close, so I completed the contact us form to ask for further information. The form was simple, it asked for my first name and included a box for me to type in my question.

It was a Sunday, so I didn’t expect an immediate response.