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Text emails versus HTML emails

The type of email you send matters as much as the content and graphics in it. Here, we evaluate the value of Plain Text Emails versus HTML emails.

First up, HMTL: You’ve probably received a few slick emails chuck full of images all “X’ed” out, a few words here and there, and wondered, “what IS this trying to say?” Then, you need to click on a new link to actually view the images. What a pain!

Or, here’s some plain talk: Perhaps you received an email from your friend/boss/partner (hell, do you even KNOW this person?) asking you to check out a new golf product on the market. To click or not to click?

Okay, these are the extremes in bad email marketing, but each example above represents HTML emails (the first one) and plain text emails (the second).


I’ve broken down the basic differences between HTML versus Plain Text here:


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