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5 Tips to Keeping Your [Marketing] Game Fresh in the Off-season

Snow is on the ground, trees are bare, and while courses across the nation are closed for the season, this doesn’t mean your golf marketing should stop. Keep consistent and improve your game all year round with these five tips to keep your marketing game fresh in the off-season.

  1. Assess your year. Identify key areas for improvement. Maybe you launched a new email campaign, but the offer just didn’t resonate. Or, perhaps those targeted social media ads really led to an increase in repeat customers. Evaluate what worked and didn’t work, and identify areas where you can dedicate more time and resources.

  2. Work on fundamentals. Take a fresh look at your marketing initiatives across all channels, and make sure they’re providing a similar look and feel visually. Is your golf brand’s messaging consistent? Provide your golf customers with an integrated experience across the board.

  3. Improve your mental game. Take accountability for what did and did not work in the previous year, and understand why it did or didn’t. While you can learn from past experiences, stay focused on the present state of your marketing for the most impact. Continue learning and adjusting as new marketing opportunities arise, and don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks.

  4. Practice. Take the time to try out different kinds of content to see what truly resonates with your audience. Marketing isn’t one and done—through testing, you can tweak headlines, test multiple offers, or edit content until you have an email or targeted ad that makes your customers want to take action.

  5. Set new goals for the upcoming year. Sure, you want to increase visits to your website or your followers on Facebook, but let’s break down your future goals into measurable and actionable results. Think about the consumer purchase journey (unaware to aware of your product, informed of your golf product to purchaser, to brand advocate/influencer for your golf brand) and set realistic goals along this path. This could be a focus of marketing efforts on converting purchasers into brand advocates/influencers, resulting in a 65 percent increase in repeat purchases, or moving those who have inquired but not purchased into purchasers, for a 50 percent increase in sales.

Need to Increase Sales this Off- Season?


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