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How to Use Customer Service to Boost Online Sales

Take a quick second and run a mental inventory - who’s answering your business phone, responding to your general email inbox, and handling your daily customer service needs? Believe it or not, the level of customer service you are able to provide to your current and potential customers can create a huge impact to your online sales. I’m talking boosting conversions.

Here’s a look at why customer service is such an important part of your sales cycle, specifically for online transactions:

Demographic: Looking purely at golfer demographics the majority of buyers are still in the later stages of life and although they’ve adapted to the increase in technological advances there is something to be said about true life interaction that they aren’t willing to give up.

  • Although your site may be secure many customers want to have some sort of personal “touch” that assures them you are legitimate company.

  • A good customer service rep can upsell and close a sale in the event of some apprehension.

Authenticity: A simple Google search will pull a list longer than you can count of the many golf companies selling goods and services. Should a potential customer make it to your website, being transparent about how to get in touch is vital.

  • Provides legitimacy that there is a real person on the other end willing to help with the sale or any issues that may arise.

  • Shows that you are confident in your product enough to accept inquiries.

  • Swift responses solidify to your buyer that you care.

Product Knowledge: Hiring Joe Schmoe off the street who can sound cheery on the phone is one thing but hiring a golfer (male or female) who knows not only your product but can talk the talk of the game- can further the legitimacy of your business.

  • Golfers like to share stories and if your customer service personnel can share personal experiences and know what they’re talking about then you’ve just proven you’re a real golf company.

  • All customer service personnel should be able to answer product/service questions with ease… meaning they better have used the device, worn the clothes, or have gone through your process. Failure to do so makes your company look unprepared.

  • Golfers like to buy and support other golfers. Many of us are pretty fanatical!

Support: Let’s face it, not every sale is going to go smoothly. Maybe a shipment got lost, a customer is simply unhappy, or heaven forbid there is a tech glitch and a credit card was charged twice. Are you ready to handle these issues… with a smile on your face… and with thick skin?

  • How you handle adverse situations can turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer regardless of the situation.

  • Being easy to deal with could SAVE a sale and stop a refund.

Reviews: It’s become almost too easy to leave an online review. Well, guess what… happy customers tell their friends, who tell their friends… even if those “friends” are in the form of a Facebook, Google, or Yelp review.

  • The more rave fans you can create the more sales will come rolling in.

  • Create a reputation that boasts an easy experience to deal with, one who truly puts the customer first.

Of course we could go on and on about the importance of customer service to your golf organization but I think it’s clear that it shouldn’t be pushed aside. If you’re looking to make enhancements to your team and boost your online sales then let our team of experts show you how!

Golf Pulp Media is now offering exceptional outsourced Customer Service - to learn more about this online sales impacting service please call 888.344.9915 or email

Customer Service reference available upon request!


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