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Leveraging The Masters with Your Marketing

With only a month remaining until the Masters Tournament (the unofficial kick-off to the 2017 golf season—woot!) it’s time to start planning your marketing now. The Masters is so much more than golf—it’s a respected, revered, and well-recognized brand among sports fan alike. Your golf company can leverage the Masters brand to promote your golf product.

It’s easy for your golf brand to connect with the event through marketing—it boasts a proud heritage for both old school and new school golfers. Ask yourself what values your golf brand holds true, and how you can make the connection. Is it pride? Commitment? Strength?

What’s your Masters moment? I still can’t get over Tiger’s win in ’97. You can’t help but think about the experience the Masters delivers to players, guests, and viewers alike—and that’s what your marketing should be all about too—creating an experience.

Below are some ideas for marketing during Masters Week. As you plan, I ask you to do more than simply add a “Masters sale” banner to your email or ad. Dig deep to make a connection between your golf brand and the celebrated Masters experience.


The Masters is one of the highest watched sporting events, and even more talked about online. An email campaign is a great way to be a part of the conversation with those who have the Masters on the mind. Your Masters email campaigns should cover three-four weeks over the course of the event, including pre- and post-emails. Learn more about our incredible reach and how it can benefit your Masters email campaign.

  • Pre: We’re getting ready for Masters Week/Masters Week is coming. Here’s what you can expect to come. Or, teaser campaign that entices golf customers to tune in over the next week for a reveal.

  • Masters Week: The Masters is here. Launch of specials/deals coded for Masters. Big reveal of teaser campaign. Contests and drives to social media.

  • Post: Wow, what a win. Congrats/highlights, last chance to take advantage of Masters sales.

Social Media

Position your social media channels as the go-to place for information on the Masters (and amazing product savings). This doesn’t involve a ton of new content creation on your part, rather, take advantage of current subject matter experts (SMEs) and utilize content curation. What this means is simple—seek out those who are experts on the subject—on social media, search for “Masters”. You’ll see a number of pages pop up related to the tournament: the official page, and a few other Masters-related pages. Now, like them. Next, think of where you get your golf news—, Golf Week, Golf Digest, etc.—or you can just search “golf”. Once you like these pages, their content will start popping up in your feed. Now, when you see an article, photo, or video posted that you think your customers will want to see, share it! This will allow you to provide current and relevant content without having to report live from the Masters yourself (Although we know this would be your preferred option). Plus, rather than searching multiple sources for information, your golf customers can rely on your page to provide the most up-to-date Masters information. A good mix of curated content to original content should be a ratio of about 60/40.

For original content, it’s not about SELL, SELL, SELL. Think about how you can integrate your product into the conversation in a way that’s useful to your audience. For Masters Week, consider social media channel-only sales. Hold contests (Par-3 champ?), ask for your audience’s input on how the Week is going or share a picture of who they think will win. Share your opinion, too! Social media provides a great opportunity to engage with your golf customers. And, don’t forget your: #Masters in your posts. This is where all the conversations about the Masters are living. Start your April editorial calendar now for content that includes pre-Masters, Masters Week, and post-Masters social media posts. Need help putting one together? We can help!

  • Pre: Search for Masters subject matter experts, follow/like. Develop editorial calendar that outlines April posts/content.

  • Masters Week: Post 2-3 times/day. Respond to comments/feedback. Utilize curated content and Facebook Live feature for real-time content.

  • Post: Weave in additional Masters content throughout following week. Wrap up contests/special offers. Evaluate social metrics to determine campaign results.

Digital Ads

Like we said, during Masters Week, golf will be top of mind. Take advantage of those golfers searching the web for Masters-related content with digital ads. Not only are digital ads low cost to produce with a high value return, they increase brand awareness and recognition, improve site visits, and lead to major conversions. There are search-related ads (think Google) that are driven contextually, where you can reach your audience in real-time by displaying your ad when they input a search that matches your golf product (and/or the Masters). Or, consider social ads, which are more awareness-oriented.

These could be targeted ads or sponsored content on your favorite social media channels. Golf Pulp can help you develop these campaigns.

  • Pre: Prepare ad messaging and targeted keywords. Customize landing page to send visitors who click through.

  • Masters Week: Launch ad campaign via Google/social media channels. Evaluate messaging to determine any tweaks that need to be made. Make connection in messaging with Masters Week.

  • Post: Evaluate results and adjust messaging for future campaigns.


Television advertising opportunities on prime channels/times during the Masters may be at a premium for big golf companies with big budgets, but that doesn’t mean smaller golf companies should rule out television entirely. Golf Pulp has partnered with Golf Life to bring you an affordable and effective option.

Golf Life is a 30-minute show that runs throughout the U.S. on stations like Fox Sports, Root Sports, and Outside Television, with more than 200 airings per episode. The program is filled with top golf tips, golf club and golf course reviews, golf lessons and golf equipment features, PGA Tour and Champions Tour Profiles, and more.

With a reach of more than 90 million homes and over 650,000 golfers, Golf Life gets in front of avid golfers who are actively interested in purchasing golf products. The price is much lower than Golf Channel and has regional placement with over 250 airings over a 30-day period which means your campaign can have life even beyond the Masters. Need help with the production of a television ad? Golf Pulp can help.

  • Pre: Secure placement now. Television ad production must be completed. Develop page where you will send viewers (your call to action) from your spot.

  • Masters Week: Run spot. Track campaign metrics.

  • Post: Continue commercial run through month of April. Evaluate results and adjust messaging for future campaigns.

Ready to get started on your Masters marketing? We’re here to help. Talk to us now before it’s too late. And, don’t forget to add the Masters into your 2018 marketing plan!


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