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E-mail Marketing Campaigns you need to be running NOW

We walk your golf company through the purchase process to identify email marketing campaigns that you should add to your marketing efforts now.


There are multiple stages during the pre-purchase phase that you must move your golf customers through before you can get them to buy. If you’re a new product to the golf market, your awareness is low to none. These consumers have not heard/are unfamiliar with your product offering. Customers may be aware and associate meanings to your key messages. This stage serves as a push to get them to buy. This audience may believe your product is of high quality and serves value, but have yet to move to make a purchase

E-marketing opportunities:

Introduce the product to the marketplace. A targeted introductory email campaign exposes your golf product to customers who are actively interested in making a purchase.

  • Provide education/information to generate product awareness. Your emails should be benefits-driven for the customer and focus on how your golf product can meet their needs.

  • Drive to sign up for email list. Provide access to special content/discounts in exchange for email signup.

  • Abandoned Cart. If new customers visit your site, add items to their shopping cart, but leave before they complete the purchase process, an abandoned cart campaign can help recapture that missed revenue. Emails can remind prospective customers of the items left in the cart (We see you added a golf trainer to you cart. Let’s go back and complete the checkout process). You can set up a series of reminders over the course of a week to continually remind prospects of their full cart and offer up discounts to complete the transaction.

  • Promotional Offers. Promote special deals and offers throughout the year.


During this phase, these consumers have chosen to invest in your golf product (score!)

E-marketing opportunities:

  • Receipt. The majority of customers open and read emailed receipts. Take advantage of this by providing additional content on your receipt such as special offers for referrals, an invitation to complete a product review, or links to connect with your golf brand on social media channels.

  • Thank You. A thank you email shows customers you value their business and provides an opportunity to continue the conversation. Like the receipt email, your thank you email can include special offers for referrals, an invitation to complete a product review, or links to connect with your golf brand on social media channels.

  • Follow-up. A follow up email is an opportunity to check back in with your customers to see how the product is working, and provide additional information on related products. It’s also a chance to ask for a product review, or share reviews from others who have purchased the same product.

  • Upsell. Upselling encourages customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question. Promote the added benefits and value of the higher-priced product. “We see you’re interested in golf trainer 1x. Take it to the next level with golf trainer 4z, and here’s why…”

  • Cross-sell. If your customers have purchased golf balls, for example, a cross-sell email could promote tees or a ball washer that will complement the product. The goal is to find and promote related items that can benefit your customer.

  • Abandoned Cart. These campaigns are not just for prospective customers who abandon items in their cart as noted above. Utilize these campaigns for current customers who don’t complete the purchase process as well.


Here is the opportunity to create brand advocacy through memorable customer experiences. By building brand advocates, your golf business will be able to utilize these believers and their influence in the marketplace. They provide expert power knowledge about your product through word of mouth and their personal testimonials.

E-marketing opportunities:

  • Recruit Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors are those who strongly believe in your golf product. Invite these special customers to provide testimonials and share their customer experience. Utilize these messages throughout your email campaigns for an authentic voice your customers can relate with.

  • Life Events. Whether it’s an upcoming birthday or anniversary, a life event campaign shows your golf customers that you care, and provides an opportunity to include a special offer just for them.

  • Passion Events. Your golf customers have one thing in common—a passion for all things golf-related. Take advantage of these passion events (like the upcoming Masters) to promote special offers.

  • Replenishment. When your golf product has run its life span or it’s time to replace, a replenishment campaign can serve as a reminder and promote replacement products and services, along with special deals.

  • We miss you. Don’t let go! Let your golf customers who haven’t made a purchase recently that you haven’t forgotten them with a “we miss you” email campaign. Highlight new products, and provide a special deal to encourage a new purchase.


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