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10 Message Boosters that will INSTANTLY improve your email success rates

Add these message-boosting strategies to your next email campaign for instant results.

  1. Evoke emotion. Feel your customers’ pain—you know how depressing a six-putt can be—and show how your golf product can provide a solution—and what that feels like (a two-putt for par feels so much better!)

  2. Use “you”. Talk to your golf customers, not at them. Use “you” throughout your email content to help your customers feel ownership of your golf product solution.

  3. Personalization. Emails that include a customer’s name have a 6X higher transaction rate, yet 70% of brands fail to use them. Consider personalizing your emails for a more intimate experience with your golf customers. Then, go beyond including your customer's name to asking deeper questions that can shape future content.

  4. Share a story. We can’t stress enough the value of personal testimonials in telling your story. It’s not a canned quotation, rather, a personal story of how your product addressed a real customer’s problem and provided a solution. Your customers will be able to relate!

  5. Keep it consistent. The tone and style of your email content should be consistent across all your marketing channels. Choose a voice for your product (are you hip? Professional? Edgy?) and maintain it throughout.

  6. Be legit. Credibility is key, especially among the mass of emails your golf customers receive daily in their inbox. Position your golf business as the expert they can turn to for more information, and make it easy for customers to find it.

  7. Keep it simple. Your customers are not looking for a long, drawn out sales pitch. Keep your emails under 300 words, and make each one of them count.

  8. Focus on benefits. Email content should quickly highlight the benefits of your golf product to the customer. Think “what’s in it for me?” from your customers’ perspective.

  9. Vary content. Appeal to the different types of learners (auditory, visual, tactile, etc.) by including multiple styles of content—like video or audio clips—in your email. It improves interactivity and boosts customer engagement.

  10. Create a sense of urgency. Your call to action should inspire customers to take action now, whether it's watching a video or clicking for more content, or driving to purchase. Content should highlight the limited time offer or availability to create a sense of urgency.

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