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Hot Marketing Examples From The Masters

This week marks the kickoff of the 2017 golf season with golf’s most-watched event—The Masters. If you’re not marketing the Masters with your brand, you’re missing out. Here, we’re bringing you insight into how other golf companies are leveraging the Masters brand in their marketing efforts.

The passion event community

This type of community forms because your golf customers want to engage with others about things that are important to them—in this case, GOLF. Your customers are passionate about the sport or have an idea or opinion they’d like to share, and seek out these communities on social channels. They want the new and most current information about The Masters, or golf in general. A great way to build this type of community is with a # hashtag campaign. For The Masters, a campaign has been built using #themasters. Golf businesses, individuals, and the media utilize this hashtag when sharing their information about the event, and here, all this knowledge and commentary “lives”. If you were to do a search of “#themasters” you would see what people are talking about in reference to the event. If your golf business posts about The Masters on your social media channels, include the # hashtag in your posts to improve visibility, and don’t forget to retweet.


Stories are a hot commodity for marketers leveraging this years’ Masters, and should be a part of your marketing strategy now and always. Consider this—according to AdWeek (January 2016) every time a product description included a story it pulled more money than the same product without a story.

Check out ESPN’s Masters commercials that focus on the experience—the roars, the anticipation—one might feel while at The Masters. It brings viewers right to Augusta with a multi-sensory approach.

The Anticipation

The Roars

Or, watch: “My first time at the Masters” by Sponsored by Bridgestone Golf:

Here, you can find personal descriptions of The Masters experience, down to the cherry blossoms. “It’s a living breathing painting…The smell…a fragrance that’s amazing. Magnificent.”


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