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Winning The Discerning Golfer

Let’s face it. Your customers have choices. In that make or break moment when it comes down to choosing your golf product over another, stand out from the competition with these “winning” marketing tactics.

Understand your audience

You’ve clearly seen a need in the marketplace for your golf product. However, knowing not only what people want, but how, when and why they want it, is the best way to decide what golf products or services to provide in each context. This also gives your golf business a chance to offer a personalized shopping experience for your customers, leading to a stronger engagement between the consumers and your golf business.

Show your golf product in action

A whopping 64% of those who shop on their smartphone agree that seeing images of products in context positively influences their purchase decision. Think about the surroundings and environment of the photos you are using of your golf product—do they help support the image you want to convey? You wouldn’t see an ad for a Lexus in a pile of mud. Give customers a chance to understand what it feels like to use your product by showing someone using your product from a variety of angles.

Demonstrate value

When you demonstrate the amount of value customers can get from investing in your golf product, they’ll often find that it’s cheaper than the price you’re selling it for. This essentially creates a discount without offering a discount. Go into detail about what your customers will get, and highlight how much it’s all worth. For example, if your golf product is $99 but also includes training videos, an e-book, or free shipping, the actual cost may be around $160. Now, $99 seems like a great deal when you consider the actual value.

Let your customers speak for you

Customer reviews provide an authentic voice for your golf business. Increasingly, whether the purchase is made in store or online, customers are spending a significant amount of time researching reviews online before making a purchase. In fact, 92% of online shoppers read reviews, and 88% make a purchase decision based on these reviews. Utilize reviews throughout your marketing efforts to confirm your product or service quality with credibility and trustworthiness.

Keep it simple

The type of content you use translates to the ease of use of your golf product. If your content is complicated and difficult to understand, your customers will think your product is too. Use simple and easy to understand language to describe your product, and even more importantly, provide a clear and concise offer.

Offer a guarantee

What type of assurance can you offer to your prospective customers that will set their mind at ease and set you apart from the competition? Is it a 30-day money back guarantee or commitment to ship within a certain time frame? A guarantee helps build trust and shows you stand behind your golf product 100% (that is, as long as you back it up).

Highlight your top sellers

Once customers get to your site, make the choice process between your own golf products simple by highlighting your top picks.


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