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How to launch your golf product on Amazon

Many small businesses view Amazon as a giant to compete with in the marketplace. It’s also an opportunity to grow your business through access to an enormous market of customers that are comfortable searching and buying products on the platform.

Getting up and running on Amazon only takes a few minutes.

  1. Choose the right product you’d like to sell. Bring something unique to the marketplace.

  2. Sign up for a selling plan. Amazon offers two options—the Professional Plan allows you to sell an unlimited number of products for a $39.99 monthly subscription, while the Individual Plan features no monthly fee and a price of $0.99 per product sold. We recommend the Professional Plan.

  3. Create your seller account. Here, you’ll set up the basics, and this is where you will manage your account.

  4. Determine shipping strategy. You can choose to fulfill orders yourself, or utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), where Amazon is responsible for storage and fulfillment.

  5. After you have completed your registration, you will start your product listing. With a Professional Plan, you can load multiple products at once, or one at a time. You will need a product SKU or UPC/EAN.

  6. Begin building product pages with key descriptions, images and video, and a targeted headline.

  7. Start selling! Once your page is active, customers can see your offerings. Amazon will notify you when a purchase has been made.

  8. Get paid. Amazon regularly makes deposits into your bank account and notifies you when payment has been sent.

How to be successful on Amazon

  • Do research on what already exists in your product category. See how your competitors are marketing their products so you can get an edge up.

  • Utilize Fulfillment by Amazon. It saves time and money. More than 90% of Amazon sellers take advantage of FBA, which allows you to scale up with access to a massive marketplace and get products to customers more quickly, while dramatically increasing your sales without having to increase your warehouse, staff or overhead.

  • Customer service is key. This is where your product will stand out from the competition. Include easy to find contact information, product detail, and quick response to customer questions and feedback.

  • Product pages. Provide a great consumer experience by including clear product attributes, highlight the value to the customer, and keep it simple.

  • Product reviews. We’ve blasted you with stats on the importance of online reviews. More reviews look better, are more convincing, and boost your visibility when someone searches for your product on Amazon. Make sure you’re collecting those stars after every purchase. Also—Amazon has a strict, no tolerance policy for paid/incentivized reviews. Don’t solicit reviews in exchange for discounts or free products.

  • Take advantage of Amazon Sponsored Products. Bid and drive paid traffic to your product page. See which search terms are driving the most traffic.

  • Drive to landing page. Don’t rely on Amazon alone to sell your product. Develop marketing campaigns and strategies on social media channels or via email that drive customers to a landing page where you can provide special offers or other information in exchange for customer contact information.

  • Have a website. It may sound easy to just post your product on Amazon and sell from there, however, think long term. The most successful businesses on Amazon have built a solid brand presence off Amazon. Not only does this serve as an additional revenue stream, it boosts your credibility and authenticity as a brand.

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