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What your customers want from you on Facebook

Let’s think about your Facebook page from your customers’ perspective. What do they want, need, or expect? Your Facebook Business Page should serve to inform and educate your customers on your product. It’s a forum to interact and engage with your golf community. And finally, an opportunity to incentivize your golf customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Here, we’ve broken down six expectations your customers want from you.

Your customers want you to:


Did you know that customers often visit a company’s Facebook page before visiting the company’s website? Make sure you’re including the basic company information so your golf customers can find out more about you.

  • Contact information: Provide as much contact information as possible (Phone, Address, Email) so customers can reach out using their preferred method.

  • About Us: Include a brief overview of your golf business so customers know what you’re all about.

  • Website: Link back to your website. Doing so will allow customers to easily find more information and it helps with SEO.

  • Business hours: Include specific hours for each day of the week and don’t forget to specify time zone!

  • Social Media links: Provide links to your other social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)


If you’re going to be on social, you need to get social. Check this out—according to Hootsuite, each month over 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger yet, 87% of customer questions on Facebook pages go unanswered. Be sure you’re interacting with your customers and responding in a timely manner.


Use Facebook to listen to what your customers are saying. Tap into relevant conversations, and actively participate and become a part of the dialogue. The real strength of social media is that you can have a more direct conversation with the people who are actively using your products. Ask for customer feedback. And, don’t just focus on the positive—be sure to address any negative feedback as well.


Consider this—a post that includes a video or picture receives 120-180% more engagement from fans than a text-based post (source) Think about it. When you scroll down your feed, which posts catch your eye? It’s not the heavy, text-laden messages. It doesn’t have to be high production quality; we’re not talking expensive photography or video shoots—just images that are visually engaging and relevant to your golf business. Use Facebook Live for your video production and rank higher in newsfeed views.


While more than half (56%) of consumers who follow brands on social media sites say they do so to view products (source), it doesn’t mean all your posts should be product promotions. Engage your social community in fun and unique ways, too. Here are a few ideas to help get started:

  • Ask questions

  • Have users submit photos of themselves using your golf product

  • Hold polls or quizzes

  • Share content from others, post links to articles

  • Show video of behind the scenes activities

  • Share tips and tricks

  • Highlight testimonials

  • Don’t forget to like other pages


Your customers want a great deal. In fact, 42% of customers like brand pages for access to coupons and 35% of customers like a page to participate in contests and promotions (source). Include special deals to reward those who follow you on Facebook.

Ready to give your customers what they want on Facebook? We can help!


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