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20 Reasons Why I'll Leave Your Website in 3 Seconds or Less

It’s nothing personal. Your website just sucks if you fall victim to these 20 fails.

1. Your website is all about you. Yeah, we get it—your golf product is awesome. But tell me, your customer, how it’s going to improve MY life—I want to know what’s in it for me.

2. There are no clear call to actions. Tell me what you want me to do next—is it watch a video, register, make a purchase—with clear, call to action buttons.

3. Slow load time. If I must wait more than a couple seconds for your site to fully load, I won’t waste my time. Avoid massive graphics or videos that lead to slow load time.

4. Your site is not designed for mobile. Most the population is finding you on their mobile devices—if your site isn’t set up to display properly via mobile, you’ll lose them. Ensure your site has a properly built mobile site.

5. Videos that autoplay. Save me the heart attack, please! There’s nothing more unnerving then visiting a site with video that (loudly) autoplays. A customer is not more likely to watch it—they’re more likely to leave. Give your site visitors an option to watch videos. The only exception? Landing Pages!

6. Poor navigation. You may think information is easy to find, but do your customers? Ask them. Seriously. Give someone who is new to your site a piece of information to find. How easy is the task? Navigation should be intuitive and logical throughout all pages.

7. No about us section. Who are you? I need to understand this first before I make a purchase. Provide a concise overview of what your company is all about to help build trust.

8. No prices listed. For the love of it, just tell me how much your product costs already! Make it easy to find pricing up front.

9. You’re not capturing information. What’s in it for me? I’ve visited your site, now I want something of value, whether it’s a special discount or access to special content. What’s in it for you? You’ll have access to my personal information! I’d say that’s a win-win.

10. You ask me to register without clearly identifying the value. Before I give you my contact information, show me what value I’ll receive—is it a newsletter or blog? Show me sample copy. Is it discounts and savings? Show me exactly how much I can expect.

11. Poor branding. Your site visitors are coming from multiple locations—email, social, search—utilize your company branding to provide a consistent experience across the board. This applies to the look and feel of your site, and the tone/personality conveyed throughout.

12. Long scrolling content. I don’t have time to read a novel—I’m looking to buy! Keep it short and sweet. Content should be quick, concise chunks of relevant information.

13. Bad content. If your content is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I’m out of here. Make sure you have multiple people review your site for accuracy.

14. Outdated content. If your site hasn’t been updated for months, or your “latest” blog is from two years ago, my trust in your golf company is out the door. Update your site regularly with new content and imagery.

15. Bad/no imagery. If I come to your site and I can’t see what you’re selling, my level of trust is none. Make sure you’re providing quality imagery that captures your product from multiple angles and shows your product in action.

16. No FAQ. Save me the trouble of tracking you down—or simply leaving—by providing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions you receive.

17. No contact information. This is an obvious one—show me how I can get in contact with you via email, phone, and provide a physical address so I know you’re legit.

18. Poor font choices. If you choose Comic Sans or some other goofy font for your site, I have a hard time taking you seriously. Fonts should be easy to read, and not distracting from what you’re trying to say and show.

19. It’s boring. I’m not saying your site must have a million bells and whistles to wow me, but it does need to provide some value to your customers. Content should be educational and helpful, and show how it fulfills a need. Provide some level of interactivity to bring me back to the site.

20. You don’t have sharing buttons. Make it easy for me to share your content by including sharing buttons on each page or chunk of content on your site.

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