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4 Lead Nurturing Emails Your Golf Business Should be Sending

Email is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful channels in your marketing mix.

These four types of email marketing impact your golf customers throughout the consumer purchase journey, leading to better relationships, greater customer loyalty, and improved sales.

1. Emails that inform, educate, and improve

Purpose: Identify your customers’ problem, educate on who you are, and clarify how can you provide a solution to their problem.


  • Welcome/Introductory emails

  • New products

  • Promotional emails

Goal: Increase awareness, speak to your customers’ personal goals, position your golf business as the expert.

2. Emails that make a connection

Purpose: These emails are meant to maintain and build a relationship over time.


  • Testimonial emails

  • Product advice emails

  • Checking in emails

  • Newsletters/blog

Goal: Generate more qualified leads, establish credibility

3. Emails that Provide an Offer

Purpose: To promote your golf product or service and entice your golf customers to make a purchase.


  • Special codes

  • Shareable offers

  • Holiday-related

  • Complementary products

Goal: Re-engage inactive leads and creates new sales situations, build loyalty

4. Emails that re-engage

Purpose: The relationship you have with your customers doesn’t end once the purchase is made. Keep the conversation going with relevant content as an incentive to interact with your brand again.


  • Surveys

  • Product recommendations

  • Contests

  • Customer reviews

  • Loyalty programs

Goal: Earn repeat customers, keep customers engaged


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