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How to Get Optimal Return From You In-House Email List

Most brands that are able to stay successful online do so by growing and managing their own database. Whether your subscribers are derived from a strategic opt-in program or actually part of your customer list - they are GOLD! In this present age of e-commerce you are as valuable as the list you own or the one you can afford to pay for.

With a great list comes great responsibility and if you have seen less than favorable return from your in-house email list, you may want to measure your campaigns against the following best practices to make certain you are capitalizing on every opportunity to turn your subscribers into sales.

Here’s the best way to get optimal return from your subscriber list:

Remind Your Subscribers About What You Do - There are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing your list. How long have your contacts been on your list and how often have they opened? The worst mistake you can make is to assume your subscribers are as tuned in as you want them to be. Given the age of the list, there may be subscribers who signed up longer than a year ago — or may not have opened in that amount of time — that need to be reminded of your products/best offer.

Here are some ways to keep your lapse subscriber in the loop:

  • Show your products or a recap of what you do best

  • Don't assume they know what you’re pitching

  • Remind your subscribers why they subscribed in the first place

  • Use an About Us email to show your customers what you’re all about

Create Some Value - Treating your subscribers like they have an inside track to special deals can pay off big. You’ve earned the trust of your subscriber, now show them there is true value in being associated with your brand. Be certain to use language that makes them feel special, create your own inner circle and communicate to this engaged audience in a special way. Remember, value doesn’t always mean ‘bargain’; value can mean you are a true content resource for your subscribers.

Use this type of language to create value within your emails:

  • We're giving our best customers XX% Off

  • You’re invited to get our best deals

  • We’ve added some free _________ to help you get the most out of ______

  • We want to see you improve, so we created _______

Use the Human Element - Showing the customer process can push interested buyers to take action, especially when your product has a high price point. The best way to sell is to make certain your prospect knows that you are fully aware of their concerns.

Here’s a great example of leveraging the Human Element:

  • Highlight a customer testimonial that shows someone who had doubts about your product, but are now singing your praises.

  • Here’s a great way to approach this - ‘Meet Golfer X... he was like many of our subscribers..’ then move into the story with product highlights and overcome those objections.

Don't Always Discount - Most businesses think that the buying decision is all about price when most of the time it's about timing. Instead of making your next offer price-based, position your product based on timing. Right now, for instance, indoor practice is huge, especially in cold-weather states. Make the email timely and impactful.

Here are some great ways to position timing [and not in the countdown, final offer way]:

  • Play your best golf in the winter [show your product usability in the off-season]

  • Gear up for the season at an off-season price [capitalize on slow season]

  • We’ve seen your scorecard, it’s time we talk… [great for weekend or Monday sends]

  • 2018 is your year to Experience The Masters [make the year count]

Attack the Known Issues - It's better to address known issues and objections than to avoid them. Doing this will help to humanize your brand and can create a more personal approach to selling your products. This step towards the customer shows that you are aware of their concerns and you are confident that despite those issues, you can still provide a solution.

Here’s how to focus on what prevents people from buying:

  • Pricing: Here’s why most golfers think they can’t afford a simulator

  • Aesthetics/Usability: We know this looks strange, but so does shooting 90

  • Frequency of Use: If you use this just once, it would pay for itself

  • Bad Reputation: We’ve fixed [issue] - give us a second look

Perfecting your internal email marketing program is an on-going project that will require you to keep a finger on the pulse of your subscribers. The best way to establish a cadence with your audience and to ensure you are getting the most value is to be diligent in your review of your email marketing results. Looking at engagement over time by link, by subject and by segment can provide deeper insight into what resonates with your subscribers.

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