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Here’s the most common missed opportunity when it comes to email marketing.

It seems like it’s a never-ending battle to break through the inbox barriers and get your message to subscribers that can engage with your business. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward - and this is the case for email marketing.

Here’s the most common missed opportunity when it comes to email marketing. In fact, if you update this single component of your email marketing campaigns I can guarantee you will see an increase in opens.

Email Pre-Header Text

The challenge with email marketing is the attention that your email receives when it hits the inbox. Most of your audience is checking their emails via a mobile device. You have 1 second to make your pitch, to intrigue your subscribers and establish value that leads to an OPEN.

Many companies send out emails and have great Pre-Header Text and don’t even know it. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how it is generated there is a chance that your messages could be impacted by it.

What Is Pre-Header Text

Simply put, this is the preview text that your inbox uses to provide more detail about the contents of the email you are receiving. Most email platforms will pull the first available text reference of your email to create Pre-Header text. If your email starts with text then chances are, you are going to get a decent pre-header filled in.

However, what happens more times than not is something like this:

The email pre-header for this campaign referenced the ALT Image text for the first image and all readable text in the first section of the email campaign. As you can tell, the pre-header text is incoherent and does little to prompt an open.

Now, let’s take a look at a purposeful Pre-Header text set up. In the following example, you can see that we intentionally created text that supported the subject line and provide further detail that would intrigue a golfer who is looking to improve their swing.

This is a very simple update to make. Most email marketing platforms allow you to modify the pre-header text during the email build. If your platform does not provide this functionality [it should] then pay close attention to the first sentence of text within your email and be certain to name your image files so that if they are referenced in the header, they will be meaningful.

There is an art to perfecting the pre-header. Be sure to test your email before you send so you can get a better sense of the pre-header text. Optimize this text frequently to ensure you are getting the best response to your emails.

Not sure how to set up your pre-header text? Send me an email and I would be happy to help you!

Ed Sanchez

President | Golf Pulp Media



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