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Are you making this Facebook ad mistake?

Facebook has done a really good job of making advertising simple for any business owner to execute. It used to be that Facebook would subtly offer to boost your post but nowadays they are proactively forcing the issue with notifications to explain how easy it is to expand the reach of your content. As a business owner, it is always better to be skeptical about "easy" solutions as most often, these conveniences are to the benefit of the ad platform.

One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is Boosting Posts directly from their content feed. Facebook makes this really easy to do and allows just enough ad customization to trick you into thinking you're getting the best possible reach.

Don't Boost Your Posts!

This is the biggest Facebook ad mistake you can make. These boosted posts are a sure fire way to lose money as they generate low engagement at a higher cost per click rate.

The best way to increase the reach of "organic content" posts or non-promotional content is to create an ad in the Ads Manager platform. Creating sponsored content in this manner allows for greater control of placement, guarantees a greater reach and allows you to zero in on lower cost engagement for your content.

Promoting organic content [not promotional or sales driven] is a great way to increase brand awareness and can lead to greater ad conversion when you follow up with your promotional ad set. This process allows you to warm an audience and introduce them to key concepts your brand or product addresses before pitching them on the solution.

Be selective with the content you post. Make certain that your content is advancing your mission of selling by providing information that can support the buying decision.

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