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Navigating Marketing and Advertising

Let’s say you were tasked with reviving flatlined sales for a golf brand...

The type of business doesn’t matter; it could be a product, a service, a resort, a course... and you were given the following options to invest your brands last $10,000:

Which would you invest in?

Option A) Advertising Option B) Marketing

Let's imagine you are steering a ship that is taking on water and your mission is to not only keep it afloat but turn the entire ship around.

9 times out of 10 the frenetic business will default to ADVERTISING because it is viewed as the transactional vehicle that fuels revenue. But as the invisible rudder of a ship directs its every move, marketing is the driving force behind any business.

It is possible to have advertising without marketing and even have marketing without advertising but to turn prospects into customers efficiently requires marketing-minded advertising.

So there is an Option C, and it’s all of the above.

However, it really does matter how you execute both because marketing can fix advertising, but advertising can never fix marketing.

I’ve had hundreds of conversations with business owners who’ve become disenchanted and after spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no return, have resigned themselves to their final duty of going down with the ship.

So many companies are eager to invest money in advertising and marketing becomes an afterthought or considered a formality best handle by social media and pr. However, the most influential brands in any industry know that without proper marketing you’re either wasting money or leaving money on the table.

Advertising platforms do a great job of selling advertisers on reach but what they expect is that YOU have done the marketing work to ensure your ad spend generates the type of response you need to run your business.

Email marketing, for instance, is an excellent way for golf brands to reach their ideal customer and nowadays it seems like everyone has a list and is ready with a CPM, Open and Click Rate to provide to earn your business. However, many trust the list size and not their own marketing. This is the most costly mistake brands make. This is where I spend most of my time - helping brands who have struggled to turn the corner for positive revenue.