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April Promotional Marketing Ideas

Delivering timely promotions can have a significant increase on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here are a few April/Seasonal ideas to use for promotions:

Tax Season - Empathize with your customers and provide a discount for tax season or give them a great offer to help spend that tax return.

Spring Cleaning - This can be a great way to offload old inventory or a reminder that golfers need to gear up for the season by parting with dated gear.

Baseball Season - America’s other favorite past time provides a way for you to connect with the interests of your golfers. After all, there had to be some perceived correlation between golf and baseball when Callaway decided to turn baseball diamonds into experiential golf courses.

Golf Season - You (and I) have been waiting months for the official start to the season. Capitalize on this golf-centric month by putting your best marketing ideas out there. Just as the weather warms up, keep in mind that you may need to warm up your customers and subscribers. Here are a few tips to maximize the kickoff of the golf season:

  • Remind your subscribers and customers what you’re all about with a “warming” email or offer.

  • Unthaw your frozen sales stats and course traffic with a TGI Golf Season campaign.

  • Increase sales with “season launch” offers that provide value and drive up the amount per transaction. [e.g.] Pre-Sell 2019 Rounds at a Special April rate to your most loyal customers.

  • Take the Refresh/Restock/Renew approach. Remind your customers that it’s time to re-up or replace and provide incentives to drive them to buy.

Want your promotional offers seen by hundreds of thousands of golfers?


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