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💡Use Emojis in your Subject Line to Boost Opens! 👍

Did you know that the use of an emoji in your subject line can boost email opens by 20% on average? If done properly, you can use emojis to help your email stand out in the cluttered inbox. The use of emojis also provides a human element to your communication that subscribers can relate to.

Here are some best practices for using emojis:

  • Use emojis sparingly and be intentional when you use them

  • Consider your demographic when using

  • Keep the emoji relevant (🍺Free Beer with your next round)

  • Test to see if emojis increase opens and which work the best

* PRO TIP* Many email service platforms allow and even make the use of emojis easy to use. If you are using an ESP that does not provide emojis as an option use the following steps:

  1. Open up your Facebook page

  2. Write your subject line as a post adding your emoji(s)

  3. Copy and Paste text into your ESP subject field.

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