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Does Size Matter?

We are settling the debate around Email List Size. 

For the past several years, media and advertising sites have raced to build the BIGGEST list in the industry. Advertisers seek them out, and providers pride themselves on having them (present company included). 

But does size matter when it comes to email marketing? 

Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to refine our email database to be the most efficient for our clients.  We have taken a step back from promoting the towering 1.3 million subscriber number in our promotions. 

By segmenting our list, we have whittled down our audience based on engagement and interest. These steps significantly shrink the number of contacts we promote to. Our segmentation process has resulted in overall marketing efficiencies with higher average opens and more clicks on average. 

Total Traffic vs. Total Send Volume

Email Marketing can only be measured by its ability to generate verifiable website traffic. What good is a promotion to a million golfers if you only walk away with a few hundred clicks? 

We Built Targeted Email Silos

We’ve isolated our master list into dozens of “silo” lists which are highly targeted. We keep the subscriber count low, and we feed in relevant content to keep our subscribers engaged. These lists of highly engaged golfers total around 15,000 per silo. They receive one promotional email from us per week and two content emails. 

These 15K email segment average:

  • 7.5K Opens

  • 1.2K Clicks

Our unsubscribes from these emails are virtually non-existent, and we have a proprietary method of keeping those unsubscribes at the lowest possible levels. By comparison, these stats rival golf ad and media site campaigns that offer a reach to 100K-200K. The marketing potential of any list is not merely the total list size; it is the engagement level. 

If list size has been driving your marketing decisions, perhaps it is time to reevaluate.

For the next few days, I will be offering promotion through one of our 15K Subscriber Silos at a discounted rate.

If you really want to see if Size Matters contact me:



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