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Did you know that websites that implement chat functionality can increase conversion by an average of 35%?

LIVE CHAT functionality allows potential customers to get their questions answered immediately and this can have a significant impact on overall website conversion. Within the websites that we have installed chat functionality, we have been able to capture quality subscriptions and engage with consumers who may be one quick answer away from making a purchase or booking decision.

Live Chat platforms like TIDIO make it super easy to respond to website visitors through a desktop login or mobile app. If a member of your team is unavailable to chat, a message can be sent via email and a new subscriber email captured for follow up.

Here are some practical applications:

  • Golf Courses: Course Conditions, Events, Special Offers

  • Golf Product Websites: Product Use Questions, Available Discounts, Guarantees

  • Golf Service Websites: Quick Quotes, Additional Information, Available Discounts

Here are tips to ensure you get the best results from your live chat efforts:

  • Establish a “voice” for your business. Most customers are expecting a more conversational and relaxed interaction but be sure your staff is aware of how they are to respond to questions.

  • Respond Promptly. There can be a negative impact on your business if you offer chat and are not promptly responding. If you decide to use live chat, commit to timely responses.

  • Create Chat Hours. You’re not always going to be available, so make certain you set hours for live chat and clearly establish these hours in your chat settings so visitors are aware.

  • Create Scripts or Set Replies. Creating some standard questions or standard replies can help engage a visitor and guide them to the right info. This can be an icebreaker or make your time on chat more efficient.

* PRO TIP* Create a discount code specifically for chat and offer to the customers that contact you. This discount code can be tracked to measure the impact of live chat on sales.

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