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Nearly 800 Units Sold in 30 Days...a Product Launch Case Study

Our company has the unique opportunity of working with some of the game's top products. For many of our clients, it all begins with a product launch. Having the right go-to-market strategy in place is key to immediate and long term success.

Power Package Golf approached Golf Pulp to assist with the launch of a brand new swing training aid device. We immediately got to work creating concise product messaging and identifying an online audience that was searching for a new way to improve their golf swing. We used a mixed marketing strategy to increase product visibility, generate online sales, and capture the attention of golf teaching professionals.

Here's what we achieved in the first 30 Days:

Generated 20,960 Unique Visits

Generated 750 Unit Sales

Services Provided:

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Video Production

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns

  • Television Advertising

  • Customer Service

Here's how we did it!

Golf Pulp used the following channels to saturate the market with product information that pushed interested buyers through online sales channels.

Marketing Plan Development:

We didn't skip the details! As eager as we were to put a product out to market, we knew that success would come from a well formulated and executed marketing plan. Golf Pulp built a detailed 12 month marketing plan that incorporated competitive intelligence, media channel review, voice and messaging, marketing tactics, tracking and analytics.

Website Development:

Our design team streamlined the purchase process by providing succinct product information in an easy to understand format. Custom graphics and messaging tactfully highlighted PGA Tour Professional Tom Pernice Jr. and used real testing results to anchor the products credibility.

Social Media Marketing:

Our Social Media Team used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive referral traffic and sales through a network of social media landing pages. We also introduced a sophisticated social ad targeting strategy that increased the impact of television ads and email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing:

Using the Golf Pulp Media email database we were able to deliver promotions, product information and related tips to interested golfers. This direct to consumer approach generated a steady stream of interested buyers to the Power Package Golf website.

Television and Video:

Marketing efforts also leveraged regional television advertising in traditional commercial and native video content. Our placement reached existing golf television programming to find interested golfers.

Customer Service:

Golf Pulp implemented a customer service solution that has turned interested buyers and website questions into purchases. Our goal was to complete the marketing cycle by providing order assistance by phone. This attention to the customer process has resulted in more satisfied and informed customers for Power Package Golf.

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