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Top 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Check out our quick guide on the must do’s and don’ts for your social media channels.


1. Have a strategy. Start with a plan to outline your social media strategy, and understand how it fits into your overall marketing initiatives.

2. Complete your “about us” section. Provide detailed information in your bio about your golf business, including your website and contact us information.

3. Include a “call to action”. Add a call to action button—sign up, shop now, contact us, etc.—to drive conversions on your Facebook page. Don’t forget to add call to actions in your daily posts, too.

4. Post daily. Stay fresh and frequent—post one to three times daily—but shoot for quality over quantity.

5. Include images and videos in your posts. Posts with videos or images have the highest engagement rate.

6. Find a voice for your brand. Develop a persona for your social channels that captures the essence of your brand and is, well, human.

7. Pay attention to timing. When you post is as important as what you’re posting. Monitor your social analytics to see when your posts have the highest views and post accordingly.

8. Interact with your audience. Treat your social followers as if you were interacting with them in real life.

9. Set measurable goals. From likes to shares and all levels of engagement, define your social media goals and monitor them frequently.

10. Plan ahead. Utilize a monthly editorial calendar to plan out posts and save time.


1. Push salesy content. Implement a 70/20/10 rule—70% original content (brand building, adding value), 20% sharing others content, 10% promoting your golf business.

2. Ignore your audience. Respond to comments and feedback—both positive and negative. Social media is a conversation!

3. Engage in arguments/remove negative comments. This will only escalate the situation. Have a plan in place for responding to negative feedback and customer recovery.

4. Apply the same content across multiple social media platforms. Tailor your message to not only the platform you’re posting to but your audience, too.

5. Abuse hashtags. #don’t #do #this. Stick to one or two hashtags per post.

6. Try to be on every channel. Not every social channel is appropriate for every business, plus, it’s time consuming! Pick a channel where your customers are, and dedicate your time and effort appropriately.

7. Ignore your online reputation. Social media provides a great opportunity to listen to what others are saying about your brand. Pay attention.

8. Post just to post. Ask yourself if the content you’re sharing is of value to your customers.

9. Think it’s just “marketing”. Research has shown that people are twice as likely to interact with companies over social media for customer support purposes as for marketing.

10. Be slow to respond. The majority of your customers on social media expect a response within 60 minutes or less. Monitor often, and respond quickly.


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