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Quick Tips for 4th of July Marketing Success

Summer is here and we know you have enough on your plate, so we thought a few quick tips for 4th of July promotion were in order.

Fire Up the Subject Lines: Want to make a big bang? Hit your email list with a Subject Line that is sure to get results. The most commonly used and most effective ways to describe the holiday in your email subject line are:

  1. 4th of July

  2. July 4th

  3. Independence Day

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Share your 4th. Instead of just pitching and promoting, the 4th of July offers you an opportunity to personalize your brand. Show your audience/customers/potential customers your patriotic or even your laid back side. Remember people buy from brands they can relate to so use your social media to show how you experience this wonderful Holiday.

Save 'Over The Top' for the Fireworks Show. - Look, everyone is a blaring patriot on the 4th - no need to go over the top trying to sell it. Keep promotions believable and your patriotic sense about you. No need to cram FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and USA down everyone’s throat. Keep it fun and entertaining - just like a fireworks show.

Encourage interaction. Photo contests, live streaming and checking in can help to keep you and your customers connected over this holiday.

Discounts are American, right? I guess you could say so - the most common and seemingly effective discount is 20% OFF or higher. If you are looking to get sales activity, the better the deal, the better the conversion.

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Get Creative! You will be fighting big name retailers and other product companies for email inbox and social media views. Make sure your 4th of July promotions capture the spirit of the holiday. Customize your ads, social profiles, and email campaigns to be 4th of July themed.

Have a safe and successful 4th of July and don’t forget, we can help you marketing campaigns reach more golfers - see how.


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