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Five Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a New Website NOW

1] You don’t have a mobile presence

If you don’t have a mobile presence, you need one—80 percent of population prefers to use a smartphone to access the internet. It’s not just a replica of your website for smartphones. When your website is built using responsive design (meaning, it adjusts content and images to fit to the appropriate screen size), your mobile site will display accordingly. Your mobile site should feature content that your customers can access easily—directions, a brief overview, a simple purchase process, contact us information, links to your social media channels, whereas your website should serve as a longer format for product details, and any additional information.

Why you need to invest: This is how your golf customers are choosing to access your site. Optimize their experience.

We can help. Golf Pulp can help your golf business build a mobile site using our responsive design approach.

2] It’s all about the experience

Let’s talk about what your golf customers expect to find when they get to your site. It’s no longer all about who has the flashiest website—today, your prospective and current customers care about the experience you provide online. Your website should feature meaningful content with easy-to-use functionality. It’s about what your customers see and feel—evoke emotion, and talk with them—use “you” instead of talking at them about why you think they need your product. It matters. In fact, “86% of customers are willing to pay more to receive a better customer experience, according to a CEI survey, but only 1% of customers feel their expectations are being met consistently.”

Why you need to invest: Your prospective golf customers have choices, and anymore, the experiences they have with you matter more than the product itself.

We can help. Through killer content and striking visuals, Golf Pulp can help you create a customer experience like none other.

3] Your site isn’t keeping them engaged

Part of getting your golf customers to take action is providing them with outlets for interaction on your site. So, what exactly are your golf customers doing online? They’re researching, comparing, purchasing, or providing feedback. Give them tools that make these tasks easier. Consider chatbots that provide real-time customer service to answer any questions a customer may have. Include dynamic video where customers can interact with what they’re watching. Consider discussion forums where conversations about your product or a topic can happen. Provide a tool to submit customer feedback and view what other customers have to say (More on that in the next bullet).

Why you need to invest: The more your customers interact with your site, the more apt they are to purchase.

We can help. See how we’ve helped golf clients like you build interactivity into their campaigns.

4] You don’t have a forum for customer feedback

Besides providing basic information about your golf business, a website can serve as a valuable forum for customer feedback. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It also makes your golf company look legit, and provides a gauge in determining your customers’ level of satisfaction. Tools to help you gather this information include surveys after purchase, an online customer community, social media, or a hosted feedback forum. Customer feedback serves as a great listening tool to hear what your golf customers have to say about your brand.

Why you need to invest: Your prospective customers care about what others have to say—own the conversation on your site, and use the opportunity to listen.

5] Customers are leaving your site (and not coming back)

Our goals are simple—drive your prospective/current customers to your website and get them to take a desired action, whether it’s subscribing to more content, making a purchase, or watching a video. We just want them to do something (other than leave) and we want to get the most out of those actions. Email capture is a great way to keep the conversation going with your prospective and current customers. Here are some ideas for capturing emails:

  • Ask for it throughout content/subscribe box at end of content

  • Make it sticky. Have your opt in box move with the page as readers scroll down as opposed to a box tucked in to the right corner of your site

  • Personalized pop ups—acknowledge the content your customers are looking at and offer them more information on the subject. “We see you’re interested in improving your tempo. Our monthly newsletter has great tips…”

  • Opt in from your blog/video tips/special content for more information

  • Welcome back page—personalize pop up content to acknowledge repeat visits

  • Don’t want to see you go—before your prospective customers leave your site, catch them with a pop up

Why you need to invest: Expand your leads database through conversion optimization while providing a more personalized experience.

We can help. When it comes to list-building, we’re the experts. We have more than 1 MM golfers (and growing) at our fingertips.

Explore our digital design portfolio or call 888.344.9915 to speak to a Golf Marketing Expert.


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